Personal Note

Courtesy of  Debbi Brym
I'd like to recognize my family for unwavering motivation and purpose throughout my life's achievements. A sense of identity and belonging is a necessary foundation when you seek to make a difference in the world. My parents, Tom and Debbi, have unfailingly supported my desires and goals. Although, they aren't always entirely clear as to what I aim to accomplish, their love is my anchor. It often pains me to realize how far away from home I have sailed under their wind.

Courtesy of Maria Brym
I am fortunate, though, to share companionship with my wife, Maria and our two children. Maria is a scientist herself (Environmental Justice and Conservation Biology) and we have formulated a lifelong experiment, in which we are the subjects. It is our challenge to become as self sufficient as possible, while also maintaining ourselves as functioning members of society. We do this in a number of ways; purchasing used items, using less energy, consuming only locally produced meats, growing our own produce, and raising our own livestock, for example. You can see how we accomplished this with our wedding on the blog "Minimizing Entropy," written by our officiate Darshan Karwat. You can also follow this website to see how we are faring during our first years farming in Logan, UT

Courtesy of Scott Redfield
I'd also like to take this moment to recognize the importance of music in my life. As any academic can tell you, it is important to exercise the brain to stay sharp. This stimulation is required for both sides of the brain. Since the age of 12, I have played the drums in all forms. Experiences within this time have not only fostered my creativeness (Guilford High School Jazz), but have also realized a level of discipline and precision I never dreamed possible (Michigan Marching Band Drumline). Music is also the source of some of the best friends the world can offer (The Ancient Mariners of Connecticut). Drumming has led in many ways to my travel itch, where I have sought out as many exotic places as could in good conscience expend the carbon to reach. I have performed all over the world, from the largest arena in sports, Michigan Stadium, to one of the smallest bars in New Zealand, from one of the cutting performance arts centers of the country in New York City, Lincoln Center, to one of the oldest Roman amphitheaters in Augst, Switzerland. Despite these experiences, I am continually seeking new opportunities to play with musicians from all backgrounds and proficiencies. I am currently looking for a band in Logan, UT if anyone has any ideas. I'll play the spoons if I have to.